Stage Takeover: U/Offu Crew and Guests

A club program celebrating mutations of electronic music recently celebrated its second birthday. U/Offu is a series of club events that has brought renowned guests from Europe and all over the world to Zagreb and Šibenik, such as Aloka, Glaskin, Sha Ru, Gamma Intel, Bluetoof. U/Offu also hosted numerous parties with well-known local acts. Behind one of the synonyms for good entertainment in Zagreb is Šibenik’s DJ Grumen as the musical curator and Mila Škalić as the designer, contributing with her visual solutions. On this occasion, U/Offu ventures out of the club into the forest and prepares a takeover at the Sea Sound Festival with a crew that will take you on cruises through the realms of electro and broken dance music.

U/Offu crew

Ivna Ji (Innerspace ,Eindhoven)
Mr:D, (Trokut audio, Šibenik)
Plete (Paqistan krew, Šibenik/Zagreb)
Grumen (U/Offu, Šibenik/Zagreb)

Ivna Ji (Innerspace ,Eindhoven)

Ivna Ji has been a well-known name in the electronic music scene for over a decade. A modest DJ and producer with numerous releases for foreign labels such as Broken Toys, Deurun, Adriatico Records, 20/20 Visions, and many others, as well as numerous club successes across the Balkans and Europe. Her musical DNA these days leans towards the experimental, but she has retained that cosmic and melodic vibe heard in her early releases such as ‘The Glowing’ (on Brokntoys) and Laaxa and Maara (on Noise 2 Meet U). In 2022, the Elector awards honored Ivna with the Best Single of the Year award for “Rescape,” released on 20/20 Records. In 2023, she was even more productive and was nominated for three awards, winning two – Best Remix for Jauzas the Shining’s single “Then,” released on Specimen Records, and Best Experimental EP released on the same label.

Mr:D, (Trokut audio, Šibenik)

One of the more discreet figures of the Šibenik scene hides under the alias Mr. D, engaging in various activities. He’s a music lover and a former vocalist of the now cult band Cult of Reborn and an important part of the Martinska Festival. In recent years, he has dedicated himself to electronics and soon set up his DIY soundsystem Trokut, where he often spins for his own pleasure. He’s not stylistically limited, so you can expect anything from Mr. D if he feels the need for it. When it comes to real mischief, he mostly pushes acid, techno, and electro tracks. You might have had the chance to listen to him at clubs like Azimut, Nigdjezemsko, Kocka, Greyroom, Blast fest, and various gatherings across Dalmatia.

Plete (Paqistan krew, Šibenik/Zagreb)

A collector and HiFi enthusiast from Šibenik with an address in Šibenska Street, Zagreb. A member and co-founder of the Paqistan Krew collective that promotes music without boundaries. Musically inspired mostly by the UK sound, Dutch west-coast, and Detroit. His sets are dominated by deep organic basslines and trippy atmospheres aimed at creating a sense of togetherness on the dance floor. You’ve had the chance to see and listen to this distinctive young man at places like Pločnik, Blast fest, Masters, AKC Attack, and Paqistan events, with the recent one at Sljeme being particularly noteworthy.

Grumen (U/Offu, Šibenik/Zagreb)

A young man of Šibenik origins and U/Offu head honcho has been active in the underground scene for a couple of years now. Long known for his heavy dub sets, he has recently ventured into the sea of electronic music. Lately, his sets intertwine various styles and influences into a restless and wild dance whole that we love. Through his U/Offu program over the past two years, he has hosted and shared the decks with names such as Glaskin, Aloka, Gamma Intel, Sha Ru, Bluetoof, etc., and you can often catch him at Željezničar, Masters, and regularly at the legendary Funk. On this occasion, he returns to where it all started for him, Martinska, while you’ve had the chance to see and listen to him at all the major clubs in our country, U/Offu parties, and various festivals along the coast.





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