Martinska, Šibenik, Hrvatska

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Martinska, Šibenik, Hrvatska

Lokcija festivala


About Martinska

Martinska got its name somewhere in the 15th century when a church dedicated to St. Martin on the most important pier of Šibenik winemakers was erected. Sailing through Šibenik harbor to Martinska, to cultivate vineyards, olive groves and fields on Srima has been a part of Šibenik everyday life for centuries.

After the construction of the marina, Martinska was the most important traffic point of Šibenik until July 27, 1966, when the Šibenik bridge was opened through the Šibenik Bay on the Adriatic highway.

Still, Martinska was still very important to the Šibenik, but as a beach resort. In addition, it also keeps memories of the historic beginnings of tourism in Šibenik. It was the main Šibenik beach site for years before the construction of the beach on Jadrija. For a couple of years now, the new history of Martinska is being written and Sea Sound Festival is proud to be a part of it.

About Šibenik

Across from Martinska, Šibenik town unfolds. Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian town and a pearl of the Adriatic coast, which was created at the foot of the fortress of St. Michael. With its four historic fortresses and UNESCO protected cathedral it is a perfect travel destination. This own with it’s unique old city center and numerous sights, it is experiencing a tourist boom and is certainly added value to every music festival that takes place near by.

With it’s four fortresses, St. Jacob’s Cahtedral that is regarded as the Renaissance miracle of Juraj Dalmatinac, numerous narrow streets, and even more stairs (tourist guides counted 2851 of them) is worth of your time to explore all the hidden gems inside the old town. To name a few: Monastery botanical garden of St. Lawrence, double walls, and Robert Visiani’s garden. The best way to end a tour of Šibenik is with a long walk along the promenade on the Canal of St. Ante.

Šibenik is found in an exclusive group of cities that have two monuments registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the only city in Croatia, and a total of five in the world. St. Jacob’s Cahtedral and St. Nicholas Fortress are under UNESCO protection form the years 2000 and 2017, and are an obligatory part of sightseeing for all visitors in Šibenik. By declaring the second monument of cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO, Šibenik became part of the very few cities in the world, on that list there are also London, Berlin, Beijing and New Delhi.