Five sound systems for five festival stages at Sea Sound Festival

Each stage of the Sea Sound Festival will have its own sound system to power it. So, from July 18th to 21st, Martinska will be adorned with magical boxes and even more magical sounds emanating from them. We are bringing a total of five sound systems for the five stages on the peninsula opposite Šibenik.

Sea Sound sound systems

Roots Sound powered by Prevara Sound System

(The Mother of All Deceptions) Sound system originated in Zagreb, as a caretaker of reality, and all that it carries, namely deception… the emperor is not just naked, but a nudist. And his new clothes are an invention for the mob and the gullible masses. Deception has emerged from the ruins of Digitron Sound System, also known as the first sound system in the country. Brother Kiwi is the minister of thought and propaganda of deception, Lasmo is the majority shareholder, and Kani is the only touch with reality. They are the ones spinning music under the flag of deception and heralding light through darkness. Besides deceiving in the country and its surroundings, they also organize regular nights of Majestic 23.

Prevara Sound System hosts the Roots Sound stagea.

Electro Sound powered by Trokut Audio

Trokut Audio. DIY horn loaded sound from Šibenik. Created for the needs of techno and electro parties, mostly of a private and compact nature. It has been around since 2015, operating mainly in Šibenik, occasionally visiting other parts of Dalmatia.

Trokut Audio hosts the Electro Sound stagea.

Bass Sound powered by Roadtripper Sound System

Roadtripper SoundSystem is a collective that consists of many various configurations, from acoustic reggae jam band, to digital steppers production and DIY soundsystem building. They are based in Sisak, Croatia and their calling is to bring musical healing to the dance floor, and to give artists a platform to express themselves. Some of the festivals they have performed at include Trk u Šumu, Seasplash, Overjam, Goulash Disko, Zion Boška, Bass Forest, Roots in the Woods, Escape the City, Mali Urbani Festival, Noisetest, Festa Foresta… They are always ready to bring heavy bass vibrations to the dancefloor through their upbeat stepper dub collection!

Roadtripper SoundSystem hosts the Bass Sound stage.

Dub Sound powered by Vibration Addict Sound System

Vibration Addict is a handmade sound system from Sutivanac, a village in inland Istria, which originated in 2015 out of a hobby and addiction to dub music, crafted by Neven Šuga. He builds the speakers following the model of original English and Jamaican dub sound systems. The focus lies on the quality and clarity of the bass and the design of the speakers, resulting in crystal-clear sound and melodious bass. Soon, a series of events are organized on his estate in Sutivanac, and there he creates Zion Boška, turning his own forest into a place recognized in Europe as a favorite destination for sound system enthusiasts, which will experience its third edition this year. Thanks to it, legends like King Shiloh, Jah Tubby’s, King Alpha, etc., are brought to his village. From the very beginning, Disciple Mark I joins him on the microphone to support, and they hold sessions in a soundsystem style. In recent years, he has participated in festivals like Outlook, Seasplash, Escape the City, and similar events, both within Croatia and abroad.

Vibration Addict Sound System hosts the Dub Sound stage.

Live Sound powered by Seasplash Sound System

The beginning of Seasplash Sound System is tied to the beginning of the Seasplash Festival. For the first edition in 2003 in Štinjan near Pula, the first set was created. Although initially not perceived as a classic Sound System, just like the festival itself, it was a pioneer, a prototype that initiated a new era and scene. That set still serves in Pločnik to this day. The second phase began a few years later when the Seasplash Sound System started performing at other festivals, initially at the location of the Punta Christo fortress in Štinjan, in addition to Seasplash, serving festivals like Outlook, Dimensions, and Slurp!. The current set, as the third phase, emerged between 2017 and 2018, giving its sound a new dimension, not only to the MainSplash stage of the Seasplash festival but also to other events, such as its presentation during two editions of A Weekend Block Party in Žitnjak, Zagreb. A distinctive feature of the Seasplash Sound System today is the ‘mid scoops’ boxes, which cover both the ‘guitaristic’ range of frequencies, as the sound system regularly provides sound reinforcement for live performances as well as DJ sets. A small part of the Seasplash Sound System supplies the program of the DVA OSAM club in Jabukovac, Zagreb, and for the sixth year, it has powered the majority of festival and concert events at the Martinska location in Šibenik (Membrain festival, Kanal fest, Preach The RIČ, etc.). This powerful Sound System continues its journey at the new Sea Sound Festival, offering a perfect connection between the history and future of Sound System culture in Croatia and beyond.

Sea Sound Festival tickets

In addition to the stages and sound systems, the first performers announced for the Sea Sound Festival are: Vibronics feat. Vanya O & Danniella Dee, Paolo Baldini DubFiles, Deekline, Wicked Dub Division, One Dread, and Dr.Obi meets Anja G, Roo T & Sistah Tena.

The popular “Early Birds” tickets are on sale, priced at 55 euros, available through the link.

Tickets can also be purchased at all sales points (online and physical) of the Entrio platform as well as Core Event .

Along with the festival ticket, every visitor has the right to use the festival campsite at the location, which is included in the price.


Free camping on the festival location

Sleeping under the stars with the best view! Every visitor with the festival ticket is entitled to free camping during the festival. Festival camp is located in the pine forrest on the brink of the peninsula, overlooking Šibenik. The camp has a limited capacity so we...

Sea Sound as the offspring of Seasplash Festival

Sea Sound is considered the offspring of the Seasplash Festival, bringing a refreshed approach and a concept tailored for the new era. With a broad spectrum in musical program, Sea Sound is shining a light on significant creative developments of the past decade,...

Location of Sea Sound Festival

Martinska got its name somewhere in the 15th century when a church dedicated to St. Martin on the most important pier of Šibenik winemakers was erected. Sailing through Šibenik harbor to Martinska, to cultivate vineyards, olive groves and fields on Srima has been a...